Anadarko is among the largest producers of oil and clean-burning natural gas in the state.

Sustainably Developing One of the Nation's Most Important Energy Basins

Anadarko is committed to safely producing oil and natural gas in a manner that protects the environment, public health, and supports our local communities. With the continued population growth and energy industry expansion in Colorado, our teams are working to maximize energy production while minimizing impacts. For instance, we mitigate residential impacts in our areas of operation via several methods including, but not limited to, the installation of sound walls for drilling and completion operations, limitation of non-essential operations to daytime hours, redirection of lights, and implementation of dust and odor control measures.

Surface Planning

We undergo a rigorous process for analyzing and mitigating surface impacts before each new operation in our Surface Impact Planning process. For each new pad, we look at location options and traffic patterns to reduce impact on surrounding communities. Options include re-routing truck routes to outside municipality lines, keeping on least populated county roads when possible and designing transportation routes so that they have the least impact on usual traffic flow.

Tankless Facilities Enhance Safety, Reduce Emissions & Increase Operational Excellence

The original tank batteries for horizontal wells typically required four tanks for each well, and our first-generation lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) unit batteries reduced this number by half. Through continued design modifications, the installation of LACT units has reduced the need for storage tanks to only one for several wells. The reduction in truck traffic previously required for liquids transfer, and the associated reduction of emissions, dust, noise, and local road congestion is a direct and positive result achieved by the new production facility design.

Our DJ Basin gathering infrastructure allows oil and natural gas to be pumped from our tankless facilities to a central oil stabilization facility. The viewshed associated with the tankless battery is also reduced from previous designs. Decreasing the size and height of the pad makes these facilities less noticeable for local residents, while still allowing for efficient production.

The tankless design reduces air emissions by utilizing air-driven pneumatic devices and emissions are eliminated by a smokeless emissions control device (ECD) on location. 

Water-On-Demand Conserves Water & Reduces Waste

Colorado Water Trunk Line Map

Anadarko works diligently to protect and conserve Colorado's valuable resources, such as water. Through improved technologies and collaborative industry and stakeholder efforts, including water-delivery systems, water-recycling programs and closed-loop processes, Anadarko conserves water, reduces waste and consolidates equipment. Automation and underground pipelines also reduce surface impacts including truck traffic, associated emissions and land use.

Anadarko’s unique water-on-demand system brings water required for hydraulic fracturing to well sites through a comprehensive pipeline system, reducing truck traffic, impact to roads, noise and emissions. More than 170 miles of underground permanent pipelines, serving an area more than 600 square miles, provide the backbone infrastructure.

Realizing the importance of conserving fresh water, Anadarko works with municipalities and others to secure and use recycled water such as treated effluent that is processed to clean-water standards for use in its operations. This reduces use of fresh water.  When recycled water is not used, renewable surface water sources are selected to further minimize impacts.

Water-On-Demand Facts

  • 265 million barrels, or 8.8 billion gallons, of water moved via pipelines since 2012
  • 40+ million traffic miles and a significant amount of traffic emissions eliminated since 2012
  • Temporary pipelines are used for short distances from trunk lines to the well pads
  • These pipelines provide a safe and reliable delivery of water
  • Number of water storage tanks needed onsite and surface impacts reduced

Gathering Systems Take Trucks Off the Road

Anadarko utilizes a comprehensive underground pipeline system to transport produced oil and natural gas to processing facilities, resulting in smaller tank batteries. Anadarko works hard to reduce the facility size and create compact, low-profile development areas. This pipeline infrastructure mitigates truck traffic in the area, thereby reducing noise, emissions and impacts to the roads. 

Integrated Operations Center Provides 24/7 Operations Monitoring

Integrated Operations Center (IOC)

Anadarko’s state-of-the-art Integrated Operations Center (IOC) is staffed 24/7 by personnel who have been trained in the Anadarko response practices and procedures. This leading-edge technology helps the IOC to advance safety and enhance the compatibility of its operations with local communities. Located in Platteville, Colo., the IOC serves as a centralized dispatch center to route communications between the field, multiple internal groups, and external stakeholders. 

The IOC monitors the majority of our wells, batteries and miles of midstream pipeline throughout the DJ Basin.  Our remote monitoring system enables us to deploy the appropriate resources quickly and efficiently, and collaborate with local emergency response agencies when necessary.

IOC Facts

  • We watch a majority of wells, water tanks, and pipeline system pressures around the clock with an alarm system tied directly to the IOC.

  • Monitoring system enables employees to shut-in many of our wells remotely, and when needed, dispatch Anadarko personnel to an appropriate location.

  • Company vehicles are equipped with tracking devices in order to quickly deploy resources.

  • Additionally, the system allows the team to monitor:

    o   personnel locations

    o   overlay surface features

    o   sensitive areas

    o   bodies of water

    o   habitats

    o   communities

  • Remote monitoring allows for logistical efficiencies that help significantly reduce truck traffic and their associated emissions.

  • Additionally, the IOC regularly collaborates with Anadarko’s Stakeholder Relations Team to help address community concerns.

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