Anadarko is among the largest producers of oil and clean-burning natural gas in the state.

Colorado Response

After the tragic event that took place on April 17, 2017 in Firestone, Colo., we have worked hard to learn all we can from the accident to make operations safer. 

The information available on this page provides updates and key information on steps taken since the tragedy. If you have any questions, please see the contact information below.

Immediate Action:

Shortly after the tragic accident, and in an abundance of caution, we shut-in more than 3,000 vertical wells in the DJ Basin and kept them off line until each could be inspected and tested while using a comprehensive 25-step process.

Additionally, we permanently disconnected and used cement to plug approximately 3,600 one-inch flowlines associated with our operated vertical wells. A video demonstrating the process is available here.

We also held a townhall with the Oak Meadows community and established a portal where residents could communicate directly with us regarding their questions or concerns. We held similar meetings with the surrounding neighborhoods of Mountain Shadows and Pelican Shores. We also distributed methane detectors to residents and created a reimbursement program for others who wanted to purchase them, expanding the program to anyone living within a half-mile of our operated equipment within the DJ Basin.


  • Shut-in more than 3,000 vertical wells
  • Inspected each using a 25-step process
  • Permanently disconnected and used cement to plug approximately 3,600 one-inch flowlines
  • Engaged with community and distributed and/or provided reimbursement for methane detectors free of charge

Medium-Term Action:

In the months that followed, Anadarko worked closely with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in providing information and complying with inspection guidelines. In May 2017, the COGCC issued a statewide Notice to Operators (NTO) which required all operators to inspect and document location of all flowlines within 1,000 feet of a building unit as well as pressure test flowlines to verify their integrity. We completed that request by July 2017.

At the request of former Gov. John Hickenlooper, COGCC undertook a rulemaking process to strengthen state regulations.

We welcomed the enhanced rulemaking, which was passed unanimously in February 2018.  After a thorough review of existing regulations, the process culminated in the strengthening of Colorado’s oil and gas development regulatory framework. The end-result marked a successful collaboration between Anadarko and other industry partners, state regulators and legislators, and the Hickenlooper Administration. We remain committed to fostering open communication with the communities in which we operate and ensuring the highest environmental and safety standards.

Regulatory enhancements include:

  • Registration of new and existing flowlines
  • Additional and more detailed requirements for the location, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and abandonment procedures associated with flowlines
  • Elimination of above-ground risers connected to abandoned flowlines
  • Increase in required inspections
  • Strengthen and expand “811-Call Before You Dig” system

In addition to the actions listed above, we recognized the importance of permanently retiring six wells and associated equipment near the Oak Meadows and Mountain Shadows neighborhoods due to sensitivities associated with that particular equipment for the community. Our work to permanently retire these vertical wells was completed in 2018. Details regarding that work is listed in the Timeline of Actions.

Ongoing Commitment

We continue to work with the NTSB, community members and residents, local government and state regulators to ensure our ongoing commitment to safety incorporates the voices and thoughts of our stakeholders, especially those directly impacted by this tragedy.

We Remain Available to You

Our focus continues to be on operating in a safe and transparent fashion. We will continue to be accessible to our stakeholders and responsive to concerns. You can reach our dedicated team by contacting the Colorado Response Line at 866.248.9577 or anadarkocolorado@anadarko.com, or you may contact us by using the form below:


Contact Form

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