Technology Update

9 a.m. CST
(Dec. 18, 2018)

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, through its Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technologies (AAET) Team, today announced an agreement with Google Cloud. The collaboration enhances the capability of Anadarko's AAET to scale the development of internal applications and data science models. This provides on-demand access to data and the computational power to produce actionable insights.

"As Anadarko ramps up its digital transformation efforts, we find that Google with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a compelling technology stack and near limitless scalability of computing infrastructure to solve complex exploration and production challenges," said Sanjay Paranji, Anadarko Vice President, Chief Technology Officer. "GCP enables us to better utilize Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence to perform machine augmented interpretation of geologic features on seismic data and real-time surveillance and monitoring of ongoing drilling, completion and production operations dealing with millions of field sensors gathering billions of numerical observations a day."

Learn more about this agreement in this blog post from Google Cloud.

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