Mozambique Update
7 a.m. CDT
(Dec. 18, 2017)

“We and our co-venturers in Area 1 have reached a Heads of Agreement with Tohoku Electric Power Company, Inc. for the supply of 0.28 million tonnes of LNG per annum for a period of 15 years. This HOA further demonstrates the significant progress we continue to make, as it brings together one of Japan’s most important LNG buyers and the Anadarko-operated Mozambique LNG project. We believe our Mozambique LNG project will be a cost-competitive long-term, global LNG supplier, and we look forward to working toward a long-term sale and purchase agreement with Tohoku Electric Power Company, Inc. and serving our growing list of future customers.” – Mitch Ingram, Anadarko Executive Vice President, International & Deepwater Operations and Project Management.

Read the news release from Tohoku Electric Power Company, Inc. (English translation)

Learn more about Mozambique LNG at www.mzlng.com

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