Firestone Update
3 p.m. CDT
(May 23, 2018)

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation today announced it has reached agreement to resolve the claims of the Martinez and Irwin families, including the claims of Erin Martinez and her children, and those of Cathy Hurtado and Joseph Irwin Jr., related to the explosion of the Martinez home on Twilight Avenue in Firestone, Colorado, on April 17, 2017.  The tragic event injured Erin Martinez and her son, Nathan, and claimed the lives of her husband Mark Martinez and her brother Joey Irwin, the son of Cathy Hurtado and Joseph Irwin, Jr.  

Anadarko operated and owned a vertical natural gas well that was drilled by a previous operator in 1993 and was located approximately 200 feet from the Martinez home. The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District has found that a gas line attached to the well and severed near the foundation of the Martinez home leaked flammable gas into the soil.

Although the NTSB’s ongoing investigation limits the company’s ability to discuss the event, it is clear that Mark Martinez and Joey Irwin were innocent victims in the explosion. Neither they nor Erin Martinez bear any responsibility or fault for what occurred.

The people of Anadarko express their deepest condolences to both families, and to all affected families, friends and communities. The company remains committed to permanently plugging, abandoning and removing the well, and two others nearby, as well as the associated equipment located in and around the Oak Meadows neighborhood.


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