Denver News Response
10 a.m. CDT
(Dec. 22, 2017)

Anadarko Provides Additional Information Regarding a Dec. 20 Denver 7 (ABC) News Story

Context is incredibly important when conveying information. An omission of context can do a tremendous disservice to the consumers of news. Unfortunately, in this particular Denver 7 story, despite the transparent efforts of our company and the state regulatory authority, context was omitted, resulting in a highly sensational article and headline.

A few important points worth noting: (1) there is no ongoing release at this location; (2) the release was fully contained on location; (3) the impacted soil was already cleaned up and removed at the time of this story; (4) the release in no way threatened drinking water supplies; and (5) because of the isolated nature of the release, there was no direct human exposure to the hydrocarbons or any of the oil’s natural constituents, including benzene.

Here is the text of the email provided to the reporter in response to her inquiries, and in advance of her story, with some additional parenthetical explanations:

“There is no active release at this time. As indicated by our reports filed with the State, we were removing a tank battery near Weld County Roads 10 and 15 when we encountered historical hydrocarbon-impacted soil beneath the water sump. Historical releases are sometimes discovered in the plugging and abandoning process (as older legacy equipment is taken out of service and replaced with newer technology), and we address them immediately. Impacted soils have been remediated to below Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) standards (meaning the levels are in compliance with state regulations). Shallow groundwater impacts (around 10 feet below the surface, which is not a source of drinking water) will be assessed and remediated using a third-party consultant. A groundwater remediation plan will be developed and provided to the COGCC for review and approval. We have self-reported it to the State, and we will continue to work with the COGCC to restore the impacted area.”

Any resident who has further concerns is welcome to contact our stakeholder relations line at: 866.248.9577 or anadarkocolorado@anadarko.com


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