Colorado Update 
11 a.m. CST 
(March 5, 2019)

There is a clear effort on the part of leadership in both the House and Senate to move SB 181 along quickly, which in our view is at odds with the collaborative and open process Colorado has traditionally taken to address and enact regulatory changes. The bill’s current form leaves too many unanswered questions regarding the revised regulatory framework. For these reasons, we oppose the current proposal. More time is necessary to debate, assess, and amend a bill this complex to ensure its impacts are fully considered and understood, existing uncertainty and ambiguity are removed to the greatest degree possible, and unintended consequences are minimized.

Colorado Update
6:30 a.m. CST
(March 4, 2019)

We have reviewed the proposed Colorado oil and gas legislation and remain optimistic in the long-term value of our acreage position, given our long-standing practice of partnering effectively with local communities and the majority of our acreage is situated in Weld County where voters soundly rejected Proposition 112 in November 2018. Moreover, we do not expect the bill’s proposed changes to forced-pooling rules to materially affect Anadarko, given the company’s ownership of mineral interests and high working interest throughout most of its acreage position. We also believe that we have sufficient approved permits and inventory of drilled, uncompleted wells to maintain planned activity into next year and fully expect to continue working collaboratively with communities in the DJ Basin to responsibly and safely produce oil and natural gas in the years to come. Finally, recent comments from trade associations and others concerning the impact of the bill do not represent input from Anadarko with respect to this proposed legislation.

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