Process Safety

Process Safety

At Anadarko, a safety-first culture is a way of life. Adherence to safe-work guidance and practices is a requirement and the way we choose to do business.

The only work worth doing at Anadarko is work done safely. Due diligence underpins our operations and investments as we strive to fuel tomorrow's world with today's energy.

Stop Work Authority

All employees and contractors on Anadarko locations globally are authorized to exercise Stop Work Authority to communicate safety concerns. 

Total Recordable Incident Rate

In 2018, our combined contractor and employee total recordable incident rate (TRIR) (recordable incidents per 100 workers) for the year was an industry-leading 0.19.

Safety-First Must Reach Beyond the Field

At Anadarko, safety is built into our corporate performance goals. Our annual compensation program is funded with a corporate performance multiplier. The program is based on the company's adherence to our core values and pre-defined operational, financial and safety goals set by our Board of Directors.

Our approach to safety is focused on continuous improvement of HSE performance as we strive for zero contractor and employee incidents throughout all of our workplaces.

Vehicle Safety Program

Vehicle safety is an important part of our safety program. Anadarko sets the guidelines and expectations for operating company vehicles in our Vehicle Safety Policy, which states that all company vehicles will be operated in a safe manner.

Vehicle incidents is a closely tracked metric. The HSE staff and Operational teams work together to evaluate the cause of all vehicle incidents and develop practices to reduce them.

The Safety team works with Operations, Legal and other groups to investigate any incident. The team evaluates the data for key trends and promptly develops mitigating strategies. There are numerous examples of these strategies, including:

  • Providing driver training
  • Installing rovers in company vehicles that track driver performance
  • Requiring employees to limit backing and parking for first move forward
  • Disallowing the use of cell phones while driving

The Safety team evaluates the efficacy of these strategies, engages with peer companies to learn best practices and works through industry groups to strengthen federal and state safety regulations.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) cover health and safety aspects of products, such as crude oil, natural gas and condensate.

Process Safety Program and Progress

Anadarko created a dedicated HSE Process Safety team in 2016 to reinforce our commitment to continual improvement. This team developed processes, procedures and other tools to identify, assess and mitigate risk.

A succinct “purpose statement” defines the meaning and benefits of process safety at Anadarko. We're currently building a communication strategy to increase awareness across the company of the resources available for support.

The Anadarko Management System (AMS) Level 1 corporate policy document describes our commitment to process safety. Since establishing the policy, the team is now focused on developing Level 2 and 3 documents for regional support of Level 1:

Level 1: a policy that defines the expectations and boundaries for the Company’s activities
Level 2: process or program documents that describe “what happens” within the organization to accomplish the policies
Level 3: procedures or “how-to” step-by-step instructions that implement the programs and processes
Level 4: tools, forms or templates teams develop to fulfill the procedures

Anadarko Management System

Anadarko Managment System (AMS) Wheel We formed a project team that's charged with developing, delivering and implementing a single, consistent and standardized Anadarko Management System (AMS) program for the company. Members from all Integrated Asset Teams and Service Groups make up this project team.

The AMS Level 1 policy:

  • Establishes Anadarko’s commitment to process safety by managing operational risk.
  • Sets the stage for developing subsequent documents at the integrated asset team level to support the policy.

We are using existing AMS documents developed by our operating entities to the extent practicable. The Level 1 document identifies 10 foundational elements, which are used to bolster efforts to assure safe and environmentally competent operations. The Level 1, 2 and 3 documents also provide a roadmap for regulatory compliance.

The AMS objective described in the Level 1 document is that we:

  • Are committed to managing and operating worldwide assets in a manner that identifies and manages operating risk, and protects the health and safety of employees, contractors, neighboring communities, customers, partners and the environment.
  • Are committed to managing and operating worldwide assets in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental rules, regulations and laws.
  • Developed the AMS because managing operating risks and protecting people and the environment is not just good policy, it is good business.
  • Built the AMS on Anadarko’s Core Values, Vision, Mission and Policy Statements, and provided the framework tools and direction to meet these commitments.

Benefits of a single management system include:

  • Using a common nomenclature, terms, methods and software.
  • Providing the ability to assess, accept and aggregate operational risk company-wide.
  • Enhancing the ability to move people across areas through consistent and more standardized ways of doing business.
  • Through this company-wide effort, we will be able to adopt common processes, procedures and tools where consistency is necessary (or efficiencies can be achieved) across the company.
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