Contractor Performance and Safety

Contractor Safety Meeting

At Anadarko, we value our contractors and the important contributions they make to the success of our business. Service providers and contract personnel play a central role in fulfilling our commitment to a safety-first culture.

Anadarko Commits To:

  • Reviewing a contractor’s HSE performance history when they are contracted by Anadarko and periodically thereafter as long as they continue to do work for Anadarko
  • Communicating to our contractors their rights to exercise Stop Work Authority
  • Providing HSE expectations to contractors 
  • Informing contractors of their role in emergency management and providing communication tools to report HSE incidents consistent with Anadarko’s policies and procedures
  • Working with contractors to minimize potential HSE risks in the workplace

Contractor Onboarding Process:

Contractor Onboarding

  • Contract companies and service providers are reviewed during onboarding and assigned requirements based on the potential risk associated with services being provided.
  • Information reviewed can include, but is not limited to:
    • Safety statistical information
    • Safety programs
    • Training documentation
    • Questionnaires

Anadarko Contract Auditing Process 

In addition, Anadarko periodically audits specific contractors utilized at field locations and facilities, including process safety management.

Contractor Auditing Process

Anadarko Expects Contractors To:

  • Embrace our culture of maintaining a safe work environment and, recognizing that safety, health and environmental incidents are preventable
  • Respect the spirit and intent of Anadarko’s core values
  • Strive for zero injuries and incidents
  • Report all incidents and share lessons learned
  • Promote continuous improvement in our processes, which reduces risk to health, safety and the environment
  • Adhere to applicable laws, regulations, company policies and procedures, and recognized standards


Anadarko utilizes ISNetworld to evaluate our contractors’ historic safety performance and health and safety programs.

Anadarko serves on the advisory groups of both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf, which conduct required orientations for industry contractors.

If you have concerns regarding a contractor who is doing work for Anadarko, we encourage you to contact our 24-hour hotline or call 877-781-2434. 

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