Occupational Health

Our coordinated approach involves a combination of processes, policies, benefits and behavioral support that protects the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public.

Voluntary Wellness Programs

With topics from stress management to preventive screening, Anadarko’s wellness programs give employees the tools needed to lead healthier lives. To achieve our goal, the following wellness benefits are provided to all our employees:

  • Onsite clinics in several locations are available to offer employees healthcare services and annual wellness exams
  • The Woodlands campus cafeterias incorporate various healthy choice offerings
  • Onsite fitness facilities are available with group exercise classes, massage therapy and body composition testing; whereas, offsite locations have the option for reimbursement of fitness-center membership dues
  • Incentives to use the fitness facilities when provided
  • Availability of onsite annual health screenings, such as mammograms
  • Company sponsored events and teams; including the MS 150 Bike Tour
  • Promotion of a work/life balance with paid-time-off (PTO) programs based on life experience

International Travel Safeguards

Anadarko continuously evaluates data and metrics to improve our processes around international travel. The company’s travel, security and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) teams work together to address the needs of international travelers by providing resources and information to enable them to stay safe, healthy and secure during their travels. These programs seek to address certain health risks in foreign countries such as malaria, and other emerging health concerns.

Workplace Ergonomics

The potential for repetitive stress injuries exists in every aspect of our daily lives. Anadarko provides ergonomic equipment and furniture options to address potential repetitive stress injuries and illnesses related to office work. Anadarko provides an internal system, which encourages identifying risk and reporting early discomfort. This enables us to provide intervention for workers who are experiencing discomfort or who are at higher risk.

Hazard Mitigation

In the field, Anadarko provides programs that require operators to identify potential hazards and notify their management through the company’s formal tracking and investigation system. Corporate programs are developed and implemented to address potential hazards and provide mitigation.

We consider workforce and community health issues to be key aspects of our operations.


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