Grievance Mechanisms

Grievance Mechanisms

2018 Colorado Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement with stakeholders takes many forms, including but not limited to one-on-one meetings, open houses, focus groups and rig tours. We have tracking mechanisms in place to record comments and concerns on behalf of our stakeholders at any time and for any level of engagement.

As a corporation, the Anadarko Hotline serves as the primary reporting mechanism for grievances or violations of Anadarko’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. In areas where our operations occur in closer proximity to population centers or are relatively new, such as Colorado, Mozambique and Colombia, we have dedicated feedback mechanisms. Statistics gathered for these assets are assimilated and analyzed for prompt response and evaluation by leadership and technical teams to find mutually beneficial solutions.


Anadarko's Rockies’ Stakeholder Relations team encourages heightened compatibility between our operations and the surrounding communities through trust that is built information sharing and listening to the perspectives of others and being responsive to concerns.

To amplify our listening capability, we initiated an Anadarko Colorado Response line: a toll-free communication channel for stakeholders to provide feedback for prompt resolution. Contact information may be found at each of our drilling and hydraulic fracturing locations, on business cards distributed by employees and through communication pieces sent to neighboring residents.

We track and manage each instance of feedback toward closure, and our goal is to achieve resolution for the stakeholder and concurrently adjust our operations where appropriate to avoid similar feedback in the future. The data captured is assessed and assimilated in a way to enable us to translate public perception into actionable steps for our operations.

While the majority of feedback received to date is related to noise, light, traffic and road conditions (mud/dust), the Colorado Response Line was an integral form of communication following a tragic accident in the spring of 2017 in Firestone, Colo. It provided a mechanism to hear directly from affected residents and address concerns with the intent of rebuilding trust in the integrity of our operations and equipment.

Colorado Response Line


Image of Mozambique Stakeholder Engagement

For our activities in Mozambique, we take a proactive approach to stakeholder engagement because we recognize the value and importance of maintaining constructive relationships with our diverse stakeholders. 

Stakeholder concerns that may arise among communities or third parties are responded to, addressed and managed in a prompt, transparent and systematic manner. To maximize our response, we have established a robust feedback mechanism to open lines of two-way communication with affected parties and accept, assess and resolve community and third-party issues concerning project performance and decisions, including the performance and decisions of our employees and those providing services to the project. We implement culturally appropriate, meaningful and continued engagement activities and openly and transparently communicate about project impacts, activities and opportunities. We support our engagement efforts by sharing accurate information in a timely fashion on subjects relevant to our stakeholders’ interests and lives.

Adhering to International Best Practice Guidelines

The feedback mechanism established in Mozambique echoes international best practice guidelines, specifically Principle 6 of the Equator Principles, IFC standards and guidance, as well as the ‘access to remedy’ pillar as articulated in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The feedback mechanism enables stakeholders to submit concerns in various ways, including through letters, in person, by phone or email and short message service (SMS). Concerns are recorded within the project’s feedback management database, tracked and followed through to resolution and closeout. All concerns are targeted for resolution within 30 days. The project’s community relations team is the primary keeper of the feedback database, supported by personnel within the project’s environmental and social management team.

We believe that effective implementation of the project’s feedback mechanism, and rigorous monitoring and tracking enable us to identify trends that, when addressed and remediated, contribute to continuously improve our overall social and environmental performance. It also assists in the early identification and resolution of concerns, thereby improving the management of project impacts.


To ensure effective and continuous communication throughout our exploration program in Colombia, we will be establishing and maintaining a mechanism for the evaluation and response of verbal and written feedback.

This process will be:

  • Suitable to local socioeconomic conditions
  • Transparent, affordable and readily accessible for concerned or interested parties
  • Developed to ensure proper documentation, monitoring and closure of feedback
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