National Content Development

Photo of National Content Development in MozambiqueAnadarko has a dedicated National Content strategy in Mozambique, focusing on the following elements:

  • People Development: Recruitment, training, employment and career progression of Mozambican nationals in the Project workforce
  • Market Development: Utilization and development of Mozambican-registered and Mozambican-owned suppliers and service contractors through project expenditures
  • Scope Development: Formulation of project concepts and engineering, recruitment and training, employment, contracting and procurement strategies, scopes of work, tender documents and tender evaluation, conditions of contract, contractor management plans, labor assumptions, social investment plans and performance reporting

Examples of our National Content strategy at work include the following:

Promotion of the First LNG Mini-MBA in the Country

Anadarko, in coordination with its co-venturers and the Mozambican Government, recently held the first LNG mini-MBA program in Project Development. Presented in 10 modules by CWC School of Energy, headquartered in London, this course was provided to oil and natural gas officials in the Mozambican Government. Anadarko hosted this course as part of its Mozambique Gas Development Project and in an effort to share skills and techniques necessary to implement projects. This course offered the following instruction:

  • Analysis, evaluation, and comparing of LNG project structures and business models
  • Understanding how technical risks translate into commercial risks
  • Primary commercial contracts and agreements throughout the value chain
  • Economics, risk analysis and risk management in LNG projects
  • Enhancing abilities to secure project funding
  • Key skills to manage and develop a project for Final Investment Decision

"It was an impressive program, which helped to broaden
the understanding of the LNG business."

— Mr. Pascoal Mocumbis Maheketi
Director of Marketing for ENH

Training to Provide Jobs Now

Anadarko and the Area 1 participants are committed to the recruitment and career development of Mozambican citizens for all phases of the LNG park development. As the Project continues to advance, so does Anadarko’s need for qualified and trained individuals to assist in construction and of the LNG plant associated activities. Our training center has nearly 500 alumni and approximately 1,000 current trainees, half of which are women, who completed coursework at the end of 2014. 

Dedicated to providing work readiness and skills training for local community members of the Afungi peninsula, Anadarko continues to implement training modules in its “Work Well, Live Well” program in Palma district in Cabo Delgado – the location of the future LNG park. The training modules emphasize safety as the top priority, including working with hand tools and wearing protective equipment.

Other training topics include functional literacy, life skills, and personal and occupational health. The training center recently added an alumni refresher program to serve students who have already graduated and are listed on a labor database utilized by the project and its contractors to fill open positions.

Training Future LNG Plant Operators

Since March 2013, select trainees have undergone an extensive, custom training program developed by Anadarko to prepare them for their future roles. Training topics have included all aspects of health and safety, gathering and liquefying natural gas, plant operations, project management, leadership and English language skills. The trainees have learned about LNG and the oil and natural gas industry in its entirety, spending significant time in the United States at Anadarko’s headquarters. Additionally, they visited deepwater platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, underwent training in Louisiana and attended technical conferences across the United States.

These trainees come from a variety of backgrounds, including electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering; have worked in different industries, such as mining, aviation and manufacturing; and represent different provinces including Sofala, Inhambane, Manica and Cabo Delgado.

Building Supplier Awareness and Capacity

Anadarko and its Area 1 co-venturers are currently implementing a Supplier Development Program (SDP) to ensure Mozambican companies have access to business opportunities generated by the project. We have hosted several supplier awareness events to bring together local suppliers, business associations, banking institutions and company representatives to share information on the project and upcoming employment opportunities in targeted sectors. As a result of these engagements more than 900 Mozambican companies have registered on our supplier database, a central repository of registered and vetted suppliers in civil engineering, construction, warehousing, catering and transportation sectors. Anadarko also recently sponsored a National Content Seminar, hosted by the National Petroleum Institute (INP) in Maputo. More than 120 national and international representatives attended the seminar, including representatives of the Ministries of Energy, Planning and Development, and Labor, as well as industry representatives from Nigeria and Brazil.

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