Community Investment

Anadarko’s community investment projects contribute more than funding to local organizations. These projects aim to provide sustainable and long-term benefits to local communities and habitats and are often facilitated by Anadarko volunteers. Below are a few examples of our community investment initiatives:

Improving Infrastructure

  • In partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), one of the world’s leading humanitarian and development non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Anadarko supported construction of water and sanitation infrastructure for more than 8,000 local beneficiaries in Cote d’Ivoire. Our donation of $200,000 funded nine water wells in eight villages and 60 latrines at 10 schools. To ensure the sustainability of the water wells, committees were established in each of the participating villages to ensure oversight and maintenance of facilities and collection of payments. At the schools, hygiene clubs consisting of student volunteers with teacher oversight were established to ensure maintenance of the new latrines. Moving forward, Anadarko continues to partner with IRC on improving access to and quality of primary education. In 2015, we are initiating a project to build and equip two schools of eight classrooms, providing educational access for 240 children in the Guemon region, an area of Cote d’Ivoire that has been heavily impacted by election-related violence in recent years. 

Fostering Education

  • Throughout Colorado, we have partnered with Junior Achievement to develop and implement an energy-focused curriculum for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Lessons focus on basic uses of oil and natural gas in day-to-day life, fundamentals of geology, Colorado-specific oil and natural gas infrastructure, careers in the energy industry and conservation and environmental awareness. A curriculum for high-school students is currently being implemented as well.
  • Anadarko partners with Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom to provide a K-12 holistic natural resource education. In 2014, we also worked to bring more than 40 teachers together for interactive field tours of energy infrastructure and Wyoming natural resources.
  • Since 2006, Anadarko has sponsored the Iver Nature Study Centre in the United Kingdom, a two-acre wildlife garden and study center for education and therapeutic activities. In 2014, our support renovated the Centre’s Sensory Garden, designed and installed a new mosaic and planted new vegetation. Since 2010, we have also sponsored a program called “Living Classrooms,” which enables children to connect and assess nature through outdoor learning. 

Improving Communities from Within

  • We have conducted safety rallies in collaboration with local schools in West Texas where the Wolfcamp Shale is emerging as a significant opportunity. These events feature EMS, Department of Public Safety, Texas Department of Transportation, fire, border patrol, hospital and police professionals highlighting safety at school, home and play for local youth.
  • In Colombia, Anadarko is commencing two projects that will support artisanal fishing communities on the Caribbean coast. Implemented with the Colombia National Authority for Aquaculture and Fishery in coordination with their ongoing regional projects in the Gulf of Morrosquillo and Taganga Area, these projects will improve food security and income, transfer good fishing practices and strengthen organizational capabilities within fishing associations. 

Supporting Healthcare

  • A Baseline Health Survey in local villages of the Afungi peninsula and Palma district of Mozambique indicated a high prevalence of intestinal ailments and malnutrition in addition to poor knowledge of preventative health, hygiene and sanitation. Anadarko is working with Food for the Hungry to train mothers and pregnant women who can, in turn, train others. Subsequent community theater performances reinforce safe hygiene and sanitation practices. To date, 33 care groups have been formed in 10 communities and more than 350 mother leaders have been trained, thereby reaching more than 3,000 women.
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