Diversity and Inclusion

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Given the growing evidence linking diverse teams to stronger financial results, greater innovation, and better employee retention, we have made Diversity & Inclusion a corporate priority.

"Diversity" is a measure of variability within a group. It includes differences that are both visible and invisible, and involves everyone and everything about them. At Anadarko, we draw from all dimensions of diversity to build our talent pool. "Inclusion" provides the sense of belonging that leads us to authentically leverage our unique skills and talents. 

Our mission acknowledges the path to cultural enhancement must be active and deliberate to capture the benefits of changing demographics and cultural priorities. Our vision strives to create an environment in which you can be your authentic self at work. When you feel accepted and highly engaged, your talents can be harnessed to their fullest.

Whatever your goals at Anadarko, we want you to feel you can achieve them.


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Ways to Engage

D&I Steering Committee (DISC)

Our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, chaired by our CEO, is comprised of a mix of employees from various locations, disciplines, levels and personal interests. This group serves as the governing body of our D&I strategy, with each member selected for their passion, advocacy and personal commitment to building a culture of inclusion and excellence.

Regional Councils

Our Regional Councils implement the strategies and policies established by the DISC at the local level. In addition, they are responsible for advising the DISC of issues, policy needs and progress of D&I initiatives. Their ultimate goal is to embed diversity, inclusion and cultural competence throughout the company.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide an important platform for employee engagement, support, awareness and development. Every ERG operates as a fully-inclusive group with membership open to anyone. The following groups are currently established:

  • LEEDR: Leadership through Energy Education, Development & Relations

    LEEDR began in 2010 to support young professionals and has expanded to include all employees. Its mission is to develop, empower and retain current and future leaders. LEEDR provides professional development, community outreach, networking, and small group mentoring.

  • PWRG: Petrotech Women’s Resource Group

    PWRG began as a grassroots resource for women working in a technical discipline. Today, it has expanded to three locations and is open to anyone. PWRG works to attract female college graduates and female experienced petro-techs by demonstrating an environment and culture of professional collaboration and equitable, performance-based advancement of women at Anadarko. This year, PWRG is hosting a series of Professional Development Days to help build skills and capabilities designed to enhance performance and development.

  • LGBTQ+: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer or Questioning

    LGBTQ+ is a new ERG open to everyone to build awareness and acceptance for those who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It promotes a culture that empowers the company’s LGTBQ+ employees to achieve their full potential. In 2019, Anadarko sponsored PRIDE parades in Houston and Denver with total participation of more than 220 employees, family members, friends and allies.

  • Veterans Committee

    This group promotes veteran awareness and supports internal and external volunteers to recognize our military veterans and honor their service to our country. Through community engagement, speaker events, fundraising and donation drives, this group supports men and women in our armed forces as well as their families. Special events are hosted for Veterans Day.

  • Other groups are currently being established.

“At Anadarko, we seek to live our values every day through Diversity & Inclusion as a strategic tool. Our culture invites authenticity and harnesses diversity of thought and experience to enhance problem-solving and make us a stronger company. This is the future of our industry, and we aim to lead it by attracting, developing and retaining the richest talent."

— Beverly Jurenko
Director, Diversity & Inclusion

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