Career Development

Aligned with our core value of People and Passion, Anadarko provides employees with many opportunities to grow and develop in their careers.

Navigating Your Career

Our world-class career development and training programs align with business needs for all disciplines, levels, and geographic locations.  Ultimately, our goal is to ensure each employee has access to the right training, state-of-the-art technology and strong organizational support to help them navigate their careers toward continuous growth at Anadarko.

How do we do it? In addition to offering targeted external vendor courses, Anadarko provides access to in-house career, leadership and technical training and development programs to support an employee’s learning objectives. Anadarko believes that by investing in our employees from day one, we create a competitive advantage. In turn, employees acquire the skills needed to take on new and challenging assignments that enable them to develop their careers at Anadarko.


Safety first is core to the Anadarko way. All employees and non-employees are required to take foundational safety training to ensure they’re operating with a safety mindset at all times. Employees also receive specific safety instruction for their field or particular asset role.

New Hire Training

At Anadarko, the employee’s learning journey begins the first day they join the company. Employees receive instruction on everything from establishing an online presence at Anadarko to safety, ethics, understanding our mission and vision, goal setting, and manager engagement. Our goal is to ensure each employee is set up for success and a long-term career at Anadarko.

Career Development

Navigating your career at Anadarko means ensuring employees have access to programs that make career development a priority. Our Competency Program provides employees with the opportunity to highlight their strengths, skillset, and abilities. Career Guides and professional development courses provide employees with guidance in their chosen career discipline.  Learning Maps guide employees through training and development options at each stage of their career. Through Management Development, employees are encouraged to grow in their career and take on management roles. In turn, Anadarko provides the tools needed to excel at leading people and teams.

Technical Training

Employees at Anadarko build their skillset through required and elective classroom, online, and on-the-job training. External vendors provide an industry-wide context while internal, customized Anadarko training gives employees the skills needed to complete work on Anadarko’s world-class assets.

Careers - Career Development

Grow With Us

With Anadarko’s portfolio of premier assets, employees of all disciplines, levels and geographical locations have the opportunity to develop for current and future roles within the company.

We provide a variety of paths to reach your career goals:

  • Experiential learning through challenging assignments across the organization and projects where new skills can be learned
  • Formal learning through instructor-led trainings, online courses and resources as well as field trips
  • Interpersonal learning through mentoring, coaching, informal networks and communities of excellence

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Awarding Excellence

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