Core Values

In all of our business activities, Anadarko employees hold true to our core values. These values are a key reason why Anadarko and our employees contribute to the success of our corporate mission every day.

Anadarko employee marking a pipeline with orange flags

Integrity and Trust

We will:

  • Act with the highest ethical standards
  • Honor our promises and obligations to work, family, faith and community
  • Admit mistakes and accept accountability


We will not:

  • Tolerate dishonesty and intimidation

  • Punish intelligent business risk taking

Servant Leadership

We will:

  • Serve others
  • Place the success of others above our own
  • Exhibit personal humility and professional courage


We will not:

  • Rely on power and authority
  • Take individual credit for team success
  • Blame individuals for bad team decisions

Anadarko employees doing environmental work

Man sitting on a beach taking notes

People and Passion

We will:

  • Recognize and reward strong performance
  • Respect diversity in thought, practice and culture
  • Create a high-energy work environment
  • Learn and continuously develop ourselves and others
  • Think big — innovate


We will not:

  • Accept apathy or cynicism
  • Allow enthusiasm to overwhelm reason

Commercial Focus

We will:

  • Understand and execute our strategy
  • Safeguard the long-term interests of shareholders
  • Maintain high standards for health, safety and the environment
  • Act responsibly with company assets


We will not:

  • Sacrifice long-term value for short-term gain
  • Use the excuse, “we’ve always done it that way”

Offshore rig lit up

Anadarko employee educating the public about operations

Open Communication

We will:

  • Communicate freely, clearly and concisely
  • Listen for understanding
  • Encourage diverse opinions and constructive debate


We will not:

  • Knowingly mislead or intentionally withhold information

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